“Compassion – Respect – Integrity – Kindness.” Mark McCaffery, DMD

Dentistry: Past/Present/Future

The truth is that time tends to merge rather than separate past, present and future.
As I study dentistry of the past, I am amazed that lectures given over 150 years ago remain relevant today. Dentistry is about helping our immune system fend off infection; control inflammatory processes; keep us attractive, and allow us to chew.
Eradicating decay producing bacteria as we see and hear on TV Commercials is an impossible task. Bacteria are not an enemy – bacteria are essential to life. For every cell in the human body, there are 9 bacteria – without our bacteria friends, we could not live.

Good dentistry is not about bacterial eradication – it is about balance. Maintaining balance is about nutrition, stress control and taking care of yourself. Effort is necessary – but this effort is neither difficult nor costly. The result of present effort is pain avoidance and prevention of time loss and expense as future tooth repair is eliminated or minimized.