dr-mccafferyThe tradition of preventive dentistry is the basis for service and care in our practice.  We have a simple goal: to preserve your natural teeth for life while maintaining your oral health at the highest level.  By working together, we can achieve this goal.

Regardless of your present condition, there is a road to excellent oral health.  Although much of my professional life is involved with: oral reconstruction, employing dental implants, and smile enhancement, I still enjoy simple procedures, teaching hygiene strategies, and patient conversation.  While many people view this treatment as purely cosmetic, we regard it as an integral part of dental as well as general health.

We believe that if eyes are windows of the soul, the smile is the window of the heart.  A smile contributes to each person’s unique look.  As such, it plays a key role in that person’s self-image and interaction with the world.

We provide state-of-the-art service in dentistry because we treat the person.  We get to know each patient personally and understand what he or she needs from dentistry.  My philosophy of patient service is not appropriate for everyone.  In some cases, the best medicine I can provide is a listening ear and well-intended words.

I am fortunate to have gained experience in all facets of dental care.  I have good working relationships with colleagues and in some instances where I believe treatment is better addressed in a colleague’s office, I am happy to refer.

You honor me with your consideration of me as part of your health care plan.  I take this responsibility seriously and promise you my best effort.  Our objective is to integrate esthetics into total dental health and overall facial beauty.  We know that when we improve smiles, we improve lives.

“There is Always a Way”

Mark McCaffery, DMD